The dream of Moon

"I have a dream for more than 20 years, the dream of dreams"

As a child I already knew how I wanted to live, a piece of land with a small wooden house where I could sleep in the winter, in the summer I slept on the moss under the stars.

Everything in the garden was edible or to use as a medicine and the animals ate from my hand.

Maybe you think now..what a nice young girls fantasy, but I still have that dream. This dream is strengthened a few years ago by reading the books of Anastasia, the woman who lived on the Taiga and lived in fully balance with everything around her. What a recognition in her love for Mother Earth, what an ancient wisdom she spent in practice on simple way.

After my last trip to the Amazon in 2016, where I stayed at the Shuar tribe and participated a Natemamu ceremony that changed my life forever, I feel that it is time to manifest my dream. I will be sharing the insights and ancient wisdom with others at a piece of land where people and nature are in balance with themselves and each other, by using permaculture, Sacred plant ceremonies and silence retreats.

The desire is a place that is self-sufficient as much as possible in terms of water- and energy supply. Where we eat from the permaculture foodforrest, the edible garden and a medicinal herb & flower spiral. An energetic clean place with quiet corners, a ceremony room and yurt, a Moon-place for the women, a hot tub for medicinal herbal baths and a fire place to warm up and to let go.